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About us

About Kongsberg Electronics AS

Kongsberg Electronics AS was established in October 2004 by personnel who had previously worked in Kitron Kongsberg and Kongsberg Gruppen.

The reason was to create a business that would meet the need for production in the Kongsberg region. The company quickly recruited staff with long and wide expertise in several fields, and the company grew rapidly throughout the first 5 years.

Today, Kongsberg Electronics AS is a well-established company with a large customer range within Defense, Maritim Offshore and Land-based Industry. The company has collaborative agreements with other subcontractors to be a total supplier within most fields.

The company is ISO 2001: 2015 certified and has built up an HMS system that complies with the requirements of ISO 14001. Kongsberg Electronics AS is a member of the Tavlebyggerforeningen. Kongsberg Electronics AS is an approved apprenticeship company through ELFOB.

We were certified in 2017, so that all areas of board production are covered.

Kongsberg Electronics AS will be a technical leader in the production and industrialization of electronics and electro-mechanical systems.

Business Concept
Kongsberg Electronics AS wishes to be a preferred partner through good technical solutions that will provide competitive advantage for our customers.

Business Idea
Kongsberg Electronics AS will appear as a recognized competence center in the production and industrialization of electromechanical assembly.

Kongsberg Electronics AS is housed in a modern and adapted industrial building at Skrubbmoen in Kongsberg.

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Kongsberg Electronics AS

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