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Our services

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Kongsberg Electronics AS has a modern production area of 1800 m2. The company offers production of main boards, distribution boards, control cabinets, desks, test equipment, plus a variety of other electrical engineering installations.
We also provide production of circuit boards and cables, either internally or with partner.

Kongsberg Electronics AS wishes to be present so early in the production process to provide the customer with the best technical and economical solution of the product.

Our deliveries are to Offshore, Ship and Land-based Industry and Defense Industry.
Kongsberg Electronics AS has partners so we cover a large field from Electronics to Electromechanical Production.

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Skrubbmoen 3
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Kongsberg Electronics AS | Skrubbmoen 3, 3619 Skollenborg, NORWAY | Org.nr 987 466 634 | Tel: +47 406 35 001   post@kongsberg-electronics.no